How to choose LED chip?

How to choose LED chip

        Along with the development of modern society, people living standard rise, lighting light source also great changes have taken place, and now a new kind of LED light source form, because of its high brightness, low quantity of heat, long life, non-toxic and can be recycled, become people daily life of the most common lighting light source, and the stand or fall of LED lamps and lanterns and the LED lamp bead quality has the very big relations, a good LED lamp bead to make the LED lighting products in effect is better.

We professionals teach you: how to judge the quality of LED chip?

1. Brightness leds vary in brightness and price. Used for LED lamps and lanterns, the LED should comply with the laser level Ⅰ class standard.

2. Anti-static ability of the LED with strong anti-static ability, long life, so the price is high. Leds that are usually more anti-static than 700V can be used for LED lighting.

3. LED with uniform wavelength and uniform color, and high price. It is difficult for manufacturers without leds to produce pure color products.

4. Leakage current LED is a single - directional conductive photoemitter. If there is a reverse current, it is called leakage current, and the large LED with leakage current is short and the price is low.

5. Luminescent Angle USES different LED with different lighting angles. Special luminescence Angle, high price. If the total diffuse Angle, the price is higher.

6. The key to different quality of life is life expectancy, which is determined by light failure. Small light, long life, long life, high price.

7. The luminosity of the chip LED is the chip, the different chip, the price difference is very big. Japanese and American wafers are more expensive, while Taiwan and domestic chip prices are lower than Japan and the United States.

8. The size of the chip size of the chip is represented by the side length. The quality of the large chip LED is better than that of the small chip. The price is proportional to the chip size.

9. The colloid general of colloid general is epoxy resin, add the LED price of anti-ultraviolet and fireproof agent is more expensive, high quality outdoor LED lamp role should resist ultraviolet ray and fire prevention. Each product can have different design, different design suitable for different purposes, the reliability of the LED lighting design aspects include: electrical safety, fire safety, environmental safety, mechanical safety, health and safety, security, time and other factors. From the perspective of electrical safety, relevant international and national standards should be met.

        Has been widely used in many occasions, such as traffic lights, display, automobile brake lights, decorative, computer, electronic toys gifts, telephones, advertising, etc., when you choose LED products, if you want to choose the good quality LED products, LED products to the inside of the LED lamp bead encapsulation brand, we try to choose those who have the word of mouth is big brands you avoid buy inferior LED products of a very good choice. The production of LED lamp bead manufacturer's production standard is different, manufacturing craft, staff operation is different, the LED lamp bead that produces is even more appear the cent of high and low.

        Because leds are new products, China's national standard lags behind, but the state provides qualified testing for products. LED lighting products with international safety certification (such as GS, CE, UL, etc.) and national product quality certification are high, because these products are reliable in safety design. The consumer's attention is to carefully identify the authenticity of the certificate, there are not many manufacturers of international security certification and national product certification.


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