OYAD Share distinction LED flood light and ordinary Spotlights with you

OYAD Share distinction LED flood light and ordinary Spotlights with you

LED flood light with ordinary cast light on the performance comparison, its products energy conversion rate is relatively high, energy efficiency will be up to 80%, mainly driven by the constant current drive power, constant current accuracy level is very LED lamps important quality criteria, LED drive power will be used by the US company's well-known chip IC, Japan ruby capacitance, using the world's most advanced circuit design, constant current accuracy of 99% (domestic general LED constant current accuracy of only 70 products % a little more), so that the product of LED drive power can reach the world advanced level, overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, open circuit, lightning and other anti-surge protection designed to ensure that high-power LED Spot light will get longer life and more stable performance.

High-power LED lamps for light, compared with ordinary cast light has the advantage of the following features:

01.LED lighting using semiconductor light-emitting discharge, longer life, higher luminous efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

02. reflector made of mirror aluminum material processing, and after precise optical design and optimizing the electrical configuration, improve LED lamps for light-emitting efficiency.

03. Multi-shock structure design, seismic superior performance, reliable use in high-frequency vibration environments.

04. alloy imported high-quality materials and high-tech spray technology, dustproof and waterproof, corrosion-resistant, long-term normal use in harsh environments such as high temperature and humidity.

05. good electromagnetic compatibility, will not cause any interference with the transmission network.

06. Integrated design style, pedestal, wall and other products installation, operation easier and more convenient.


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