Safe electricity use common sense in summer

Safe electricity use common sense in summer

             It's summer, and it's peak hour, and we're teaching people to use electricity safely.

          When you for electric operation, no matter you are at home, school, unit, must be in accordance with the procedures, must have the safety knowledge, take necessary safety measures in the production, to ensure the personal safety and normal operation of electrical equipment. Therefore, before learning the electronic production, you must know the following:

1. In the installation of power distribution equipment, the power supply shall be installed on the terminal of the main switchboard, total switch or total power supply of the power distribution equipment, and shall not be reloaded. In this way, the power supply of all the fuse and power equipment can be disconnected when the unit power switch is pulled down.

2. Do not pull wires and electrical equipment in the indoor and other electricity areas. If the electrical wiring is to be increased, the installation shall comply with the relevant provisions of the installation standard of electrical equipment. Don't mess with 220V temporary lights.

3. Install qualified leakage protection devices in electrical wiring to prevent electrical accidents caused by insulation of electrical or electrical equipment.

4. In electronic production, when the circuit USES 220V power supply, or when the lighting is installed, the phase line must be switched on and off, and equipped with a fuse.

5. Do not use wet hands to pull plug or trigger electrical switch, or wet towel to wipe the electric power equipment.

6. When using portable electrical equipment, should check whether the insulation is good, in use process to increase the supplementary insulation measures should be taken, such as using a hand-held electric drill wear insulated gloves and best work station in rubber MATS.

7. The choice of fuse should be suitable to the capacity of electrical equipment, and can not replace the fuse with wire.

8. Please ask a professional electrician to repair the malfunction of the electrical equipment.

9.  Reasonable selection of wire section must meet the requirement of maximum load current.

10. Use all kinds of electrical equipment, such as voltage regulator, signal source, oscilloscope, etc., to strictly comply with the regulations of electrical safety work and the instructions of electrical equipment use instructions. Electrical equipment should be cut off immediately after use.

11. In the event of power failure maintenance, production of electrical appliances, equipment, according to the operating procedures, to cut off the power switch, strictly prevent a sudden call. Disconnect the switch even if you use the battery.

12. The electrical circuit and electrical equipment should be inspected and repaired regularly, the insulation aging circuit shall be replaced, the insulation shall be repaired, and all insulation parts shall be intact.

13. In the installation and use of household appliances, the metal shell must be protected as required to meet the protection of zero or ground wires to prevent the electrical equipment from being electrically charged when the insulation is damaged.

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